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Client Service is one of SCA’s points of pride. We rest easy at night knowing our clients’ needs are continuously being met and aside from our business structure and technology, it’s our high level of client service that makes this possible. Client service has been the foundation of our business for almost 30 years and we intend to keep that promise for the years to come.
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Our Client Service Directors serve as “The Controller” for SCA clients. Each client is assigned a client service director based on the Territory. This individual ensures that our clients’ needs are continually being met on both an operational level as well as a customer service level. So if a client ever has an issue, they aren’t dialing into an 800 number and talking to a different staff member every time. Your dedicated client service director will get to know you and your business so every time you call, the help and support you need will be there.
  Bill Chval
Senior Vice President
Client Service Group
800-572-8010 ext. 125
email: bchval (at)
cell: 312-771-3965
  John Tate
Client Services Director
Southwest Territory
800-572-8010 ext. 317
emaill: jtate (at)
cell: 817-475-8013
  John Junk
Client Services Director
North Central Territory
800-572-8010 ext. 314
email: jjunk (at) SCA
cell: 816-652-6154
Eddie Kemp
Client Services Director
Southeast Territory
800-572-8010 ext. 353
email: ekemp (at)
cell: 818-303-4415
Ben Komenkul
Client Service Director
Western Territory
800-572-8010 ext. 380
email: bkomenkul (at)
cell: 213-675-8859
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